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Sail the seas with comfort and style! Here's a handy list of 13 cruise cabin essentials every savvy cruiser should pack

Updated: May 26

Embarking on a cruise soon? We're all aware that majority of cruise cabins are cozy and compact, so wouldn't you love a few handy tips to maximize your cabin space and amp up that comfort factor? Let this be your guide to a well-sorted and snug stateroom! This post is your exclusive peek into some of the top favorites among seasoned cruisers. From nifty accessories to functional gadgets, we've tried out some fabulous new items that will make you wonder, "Why didn't I get this sooner?" You're about to discover some incredible recommendations that veteran cruisers simply can't cruise without! So sit back, feel the excitement build, and prepare to get your cruise cabin supremely organized and ultra-comfortable, as we dive into the world of cruise essentials. Happy cruising!

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and buy that I may make a commission, at no cost to you.

Magnetic Wall Hooks

Here's a top tip from one travel buddy to another - consider packing magnet hooks for your next cruise escape! It's no secret that cabin space can be quite limited, with often just one or two hooks provided near the entrance or bathroom area. But imagine this - transforming these metallic walls into a storage haven! That's exactly what magnet hooks can do. They can turn any metal surface in your cabin, whether on an inside or balcony stateroom, into the perfect spot for hanging your sunhat, favorite sweatshirt or jacket, and even a backpack. Don't forget, go for the heavy-duty magnet hooks as they offer better grip and strength to safely hold your items. The chances are that you'll wonder how you ever cruised without them! So get ready to sail the seas with savvy, maximizing your living space like a pro.

Amazon recommended: Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Wall Clips

Turn your cruise cabin into an oasis of order and tranquility. Make use of magnetic hooks on the cabin's metal walls to hold those important paper documents, shore excursion tickets, and extras. With a simple magnet clip, everything looks tidier and more organized, making your space feel like a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of your vacation activities. Now, isn't that the way a vacation should feel?

Amazon recommended: Magnetic Wall Clips

Over the Door Organizer

Adventuring on a cruise with your loved ones? Here's a simple and effective cruise packing tip to make your travel smoother - especially for families with little ones. Why not pack an over-the-door organizer at home before setting sail? This popular cruise accessory is a true favorite among passengers as it effortlessly keeps toiletries, sunscreen, and other requisite items organized. One of my dear friends regularly practices this and she absolutely adores the convenience it provides. The moment you step into your cruise cabin on embarkation day, your pre-organized essentials are ready to be hung up! It's an easy way to unpack and make your cabin feel like home in no time. Trust me, it's a lifesaver!

Amazon recommended: Door Organizer

Non-Surge Protected Power Cube

In this modern age, a lot of cruise enthusiasts often choose to pack a non-surge protected power bar or cube. It's a clever way to give yourself some additional electrical and USB outlets right in your cabin. But just remember, it's very important that the one you bring is non-surge protected. I want to share a personal favorite of mine: a nifty non-surge protected power cube. It comes with 3 electrical outlets, 2 USBC ports and a USBA port, too! Best part? It's conveniently compact making it a breeze to pack. So go ahead, power up your cruising experience!

Amazon recommended: Power Cube

Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging toiletry bag is a fantastic space-saver for your cabin and a perfect companion for staying organized on your travels. By using one in your stateroom or bathroom, you can keep all your essentials off the counter, making your space tidier and your packing routine a breeze.

Amazon recommended: Toiletry Bag

Pop Up Laundry Hamper

This handy foldable mesh laundry hamper is perfect for keeping dirty clothes neatly tucked away. You might even want to grab two—one to use and one to stash under the bed when it’s full. We brought this along on our last cruise, and it was an absolute lifesaver!

Amazon recommended: Pop Up Laundry Hamper

Charger and Wires Organizer Bag

Keeping your cables, chargers, and wires neatly organized is a game-changer, whether you're in your cabin or on the go to and from your cruise. This electronics organizer bag is just what you need! We've tried it ourselves and absolutely love it, plus it has fantastic reviews!

Amazon recommended: Cord Organizer

Portable Phone Charger

We absolutely couldn't have managed our last cruise without our trusty portable phone chargers! If you're planning to snap lots of photos and videos or stay connected with an internet plan on the ship, having a charger is a must. I personally used this one (Amazon) and adored it – it even powered up two phones at once!

Amazon recommended: Phone Charger

Packing Cubes

Although packing cubes are often seen as a handy cruise packing tip rather than a cabin necessity, I've recently come to appreciate their true worth. Compression packing cubes, in particular, are a game-changer for keeping your cruise cabin organized! Simply pack your cubes at home, and once on board, unzip them and place them directly onto shelves and into drawers.

Amazon recommended: Packing Cubes

First Aid Kit

Don't forget to pack some basic first aid items and over-the-counter medications. We've got your cruise first aid kit all set and ready for you!

Amazon recommended: First Aid Kit

Travel Coffee Mug

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, don’t forget to pack a high-quality insulated coffee mug. Trust us, your coffee will taste even better while you’re sipping it on a balcony overlooking the ocean!

Amazon recommended: Travel Coffee Mug

Zip Lock Bags

Here's a clever little trick to dodge those pesky room service fees! If you think you'll crave a late-night snack, pack some small ziplock bags for your favorite treats like sandwiches, cookies, crackers, cheese, or grapes. Happy snacking!

Thank You Cards

Show your gratitude to your cruise cabin attendant, waiter, or any other cruise staff with a heartfelt thank you note. I always like to include a cash tip along with a few kind words to express my appreciation.

Amazon recommended: Thank You Cards

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